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What is Public Live Cast?

Live multi media digital service offered directly to the millions of viewers simultaneous via the Internet,which bypasses cable, broadcast and satellite television platforms.

What is the Business Model for Public Live Cast?

Just like AMC who are exhibitors controlling a chain of theaters, 'Public Live Cast' are USA based exhibitors controlling a chain of online digital Live Channels , where major organization can go live with their Sports Events ,Concerts , Town Halls , Political Rallies , Talk Shows & Global Summits to millions of viewers - at the same time.

Advantage to Major Live Casters / Broadcasters

  • Fix their own Box Office ticket price for each Pay-Per-View.
  • Inject Video Advertising in form of Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll & Post-Roll in their content.
  • Live Stream to Millions of viewer's at the same time via their Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop & TV.
  • Collect all their Box Office sales via their own payment gateway.